We believe in the power of collaboration

At Ellucian, we believe in the power of collaboration, drawing on the collective insight of a global education community to help move education forward. We believe that building real value can only be accomplished through collaborative, open, and innovative exchange. To that end, we support a number of ways for our customers to talk to us, contribute to solution design, and collaborate with us and with each other to build a community that is like no other.

Advisory boards

Our formal and informal customer advisory bodies involve more than 1,000 customers. Their work informs product direction and keeps customer needs at the center of everything we do

Code Camps

Code Camps are developer-to-developer opportunities for learning by doing. In these customer-facilitated sessions, developers come together in face-to-face meetings—camps—choose a topic to tackle, engage in some breakneck-speed coding using new technologies like Groovy/Grails, and share the results—in some cases fully baked apps. Code Camps keep software engineers razor sharp and provide an opportunity for sharing skills and ideas. And they are pretty much a blast.

Community Source Initiative

The Community Source Initiative is an open forum where customers can share ideas for how to enhance our solutions. In the spirit of the open source movement, our customers come together as an independently run group to design and launch new functionality. A customer-led board considers all submissions and makes recommendations for their potential inclusion into Ellucian's baseline products. Community Source also sponsors the Shared Code Repository, which gives customers a secure way to contribute their improvements to the community and to find work contributed by others.

To get involved, contact us at

Customer forums

Many of our customers interact every day in an online community that is over 50,000 members strong. In this interactive environment customers and employees, can share experiences, ask questions, find answers, and build a collaborative and informed community.

Starting on January 12, we are excited to announce the combination of the Commons and Forum together into a single user collaboration space—introducing Ellucian eCommunities. This improvement represents the first step in the evolution of your overall digital experience with Ellucian. Over time, our single sign on capability will expand into additional areas such as our eLearning systems and selected SharePoint sites, we will provide improvements in visual integration and cross site navigation, and we will enable enterprise search across Ellucian web resources. Our objective is to make it easier for you—sign on once and access all of your Ellucian resources.

Visit your community:

** Please note that the Commons is officially retired. **

Industry initiatives

At Ellucian we embrace new ideas, develop new insights, and design new approaches to help education move forward. Our active participation as board members and collaborative partners with key higher education associations allows us to launch joint initiatives that help institutions navigate change, achieve greater transparency, and drive new efficiencies.

User groups

Our 2,400 customer institutions are from 40 countries around the world. It is a customer community whose contributions have helped shape education today, making it more open, connected, and dynamic than ever before. Every year, we hold a user group meeting as well as regional and virtual meetings that involve over 13,000 customers sharing information and best practices. That collective insight helps every one of our customer institutions help students everywhere discover their future through learning.

Ellucian Live - April 12–15, 2015. New Orleans, LA.