Tyler Junior College Selects Ellucian to Help Provide Stronger Support for Student Completion

Published Monday, July 2, 2012 - Fairfax, Va.

Tyler Junior College (TJC) has licensed a comprehensive suite of solutions from Ellucian to help deliver more personalized and comprehensive support for students during a period of record enrollment. The expanded services and new analytical capabilities will be delivered without a significant increase in staff hours and are expected to help increase the number of students who will complete a degree.

TJC is one of the larger community colleges in Texas, with an enrollment of more than 12,000 credit students each year and 20,000 annual continuing education enrollments. “We are adjusting to the complexities associated with record enrollment growth over the past five years. These new solutions will help us maximize our existing staff resources and technology investments while expanding our services and strengthening our outreach to students,” said Larry Mendez, chief information officer at the college.

Specifically, the solutions will provide the college with:

  • Targeted communications by student cohort for more effective engagement
  • Early alert functionality to help students overcome potential obstacles early on
  • Web-based academic advising, degree audit, and transfer articulation tools to help students find a more direct path to graduation
  • More personalized recruiting campaigns for improved enrollment
  • Metrics to measure the success of student retention efforts and track the college’s progress
  • Tools to address recent state legislation that requires all students to submit detailed degree plans that demonstrate how they intend to achieve their degrees

“These tools will help the college address new and emerging legislation in the areas of student retention and performance, online degree planning, and making it easier for transfer students to enroll at the institution,” said Bruce Bleiman, senior vice president, customer relationships, Ellucian. “Tyler Junior College is taking a smart approach of leveraging technology to meet these emerging requirements and maximizing the efforts of its staff.”

The solutions from Ellucian licensed by the college include:

  • Banner Relationship Management
  • Banner Recruiting and Admissions Performance
  • Banner Student Retention Performance
  • Ellucian Advancement Performance
  • Ellucian Degree Works


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