Colleague HR

Employees. Your institution’s most valuable resource, and your single largest expense.   Effectively managing your institution’s workforce – from recruitment to retirement – is no small chore.  It requires countless day-to-day activities to keep critical processes like payroll and benefits on track, but it also requires you to plan and forecast for your institution’s changing human resource needs.

By automating many of the workflows, Colleague® HR reduces the burden of paperwork and administrative tasks facing your HR team.  Colleague HR empowers your employees to manage and look up many of their own HR information through powerful self-service options, freeing your HR staff to work on strategic initiatives.  Colleague HR also provides the information you need to anticipate future staffing needs, including metrics to examine key trends for employee turnover, retirement, and tenure.

With Colleague HR, your staff can effectively manage the entire employment lifecycle, attracting the most qualified candidates, retaining high performers, and improving employee productivity.

Colleague HR provides the ability to:

  • Manage and analyze employee personnel, payroll, and benefit functions
  • Budget and manage position costs, including actual-versus-budgeted
  • Employee self-service tools to increase productivity
  • Workforce analytics to aid in organizational planning
  • Regulatory compliance for tax and immigration requirements