Ellucian Business Process Modeling Services

Ellucian Business Process Modeling services can help you align people, process, and technology with your institution’s strategic priorities. By discovering new efficiencies, eliminating inefficiencies, and aligning appropriately supported business processes with strategic initiatives, your institution can more successfully focus its resources on achieving desired goals.

During this engagement, your institution works with Ellucian experts to identify the key business processes you want to model, whether that’s managing student registration, processing financial aid applications, purchasing goods and services, or processing new hires.

Once those processes have been identified, we build an ideal state model of the process by identifying any inefficiencies in the process, clarifying strategic goals that the process should support, and identifying the people and actions critical to achieving those goals.

“The business process modeling forced us to talk about underlying issues and review our processes with a focus on what would be better for us and the students. Moving to the new model would make our processes more eficient and increase our speed of service.”
Jodi Landgaard, Director of Financial Aid, Minnesota West Community and Technical College

With better business processes supporting your vision and goals you can meet today’s challenges more effectively, serve your constituents more successfully, and create a better learning community for all of your stakeholders.

Service benefits:

  • Align key business processes with institutional strategy and priorities
  • Allocate people where they will have the most impact
  • Ensure that technology is utilized efficiently to support process
  • Demonstrate and communicate business process complexities to campus stakeholders