Document Management Software

Banner Document Management

Document management software simplifies processes

Streamlining business processes, controlling costs, and improving data security are all very good reasons for your institution to consider a document management software solution.  And when doing the right thing for your institution also means doing the right thing for the environment, it’s a win-win.

The Banner® Document Management is a complete solution for digitizing and managing paper, providing the tools you need for imaging, storing, and managing critical documents across your enterprise. The Banner Document Management leverages technologies from a leading content management vendor, and integrates those technologies seamlessly across Banner® by Ellucian. Departments across your campus—from finance to human resources to the registrar—can capture paper-based content and convert it into electronic images—significantly reducing the cost of managing complex paper trails and dramatically lessening your carbon footprint.

“By incorporating workflow with imaging, we have achieved significant business process improvements, improved service to our students, and we are leveraging our investment and resources in our Banner ERP.”
—Joseph Tufano, Vice President of Information Technology & CIO, St. John's University

Once captured, electronic documents can be indexed, tagged, and securely archived. You can find information more easily and reduce the risk of critical documents being lost, corrupted, or mishandled. And, in conjunction with Banner Workflow, you can automate, simplify, and direct the flow of information across your institution—the next step toward building a more nimble and efficient digital campus.

With the Banner Document Management you can:

  • Reduce costs by capturing paper-based content and converting it into electronic images
  • Minimize inefficiencies by making information easier to find and share
  • Reduce risk through automated archiving and back-up of managed content
  • Improve security by applying more consistent retention policies across campus
  • Build a foundation for more efficient workflows and processes