student information system for higher education

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Ellucian XE In this newly open and connected world, technologies are quickly reshaping how people learn and connect, and new platforms for delivering higher, further, and vocational education are emerging at a rapid pace. Staying ahead of the pace of change will require thinking about your institutional assets more strategically and solving business problems more rapidly.

Banner® by Ellucian can help you deliver the best possible service to every member of your education community, support new operational efficiencies, and advance long-term planning.


With this powerful student information system, you can rely on an open, flexible, and standards-based architecture to deliver information and services across your higher education community.

Whether your campus is large or small, whether your communities are dispersed or centralized, whether your platform of choice is the internet or a mobile device, Banner supports the business management processes that are unique to your institution.

“Banner was a smart and strategic choice when we first implemented it in 1993, and it still is today. It has grown and changed with us.”
—Jan Forsstrom, CFO, North Shore Community College


Scalable? Yes. And more. The Banner student information system can grow as your institution grows. But iterative, incremental releases mean you can adopt the features that are right for your institution—and avoid upgrades that consume too much time and talent.


Banner’s worldwide user community actively participates in the design and development of features and functionality through the Community Source Initiative. You benefit from the best ideas of your peers; we deliver better solutions faster.

Banner by Ellucian. Our community, working together.