Colleague by Ellucian

Colleague by Ellucian

Whether you are at a four-year university or a community college, public or private, you can appreciate the value of using an integrated system that connects your entire institution.  One that provides a holistic view of your students, finances, human resources, fundraising, and other critical business functions. But integration alone is not enough, you need a system that provides modern interfaces and conveniences that your students and staff expect.

“The greatest benefit for us is Colleague’s integration between business offices. It’s obviously going to pay dividends for years to come.”
—Keith Nelson, Chief Technology Officer, Alma College

Colleague® by Ellucian provides both the back-end information sharing and efficiencies you need and the front-end services and familiar interfaces that make users happy and productive. Colleague eliminates the need to navigate multiple networks and systems by offerings every constituent (on campus and off) with a personalized portal.  Colleague also offers built-in workflows and automated processes that increase self-service and productivity.

With Colleague, you can bring together the power of integration, web and mobile self-service, and out-of-the box reporting.

With Colleague, your institution can:

  • Achieve enterprise integration
  • Provide a holistic view of academic and administrative information
  • Give constituents contemporary self-service and a personalized portal
  • Discover insight with enterprise business intelligence
  • Take advantage of SaaS deployment options