Ellucian Academic Services

Ellucian Academic Services

Every institution today faces the need to acquire, deploy, and support new learning technologies—especially for online learning—in ways that align with and contribute to organizational priorities. Ellucian’s Academic Services is a package of solutions designed to help your institution infuse new possibilities into the learning environment through innovative use of technologies.

Through Ellucian Academic Services, we can help you market-test, design, and launch online and hybrid courses and programs, introduce discipline-specific technologies to support key learning initiatives, find the best ways to make a “smart” classroom smarter, raise the level of technology competencies among faculty, staff, and students, and find funds to support new initiatives.

Ellucian Academic Services can help you design, develop, and manage a complete virtual campus, an online course, or components of online courses. We can help you assess the marketplace for online programs, and whether your technology is up to the task of supporting them. We can help you select an LMS. We can provide talent in academic technology leadership, either for a short-term engagement or permanently. And we can provide the full spectrum of expertise required to secure and to manage alternative funding in support of strategic institutional initiatives.

With Ellucian Academic Services, you can:

  • Explore current and emerging technology tools and discover how to implement them to solve pedagogical challenges.
  • Develop applications, learning modules, videos, online courses, and websites to support curricular needs.
  • Orient and support your students and faculty in the use of new learning technologies.
  • Provide overall management of your technology infrastructure.