Ellucian Institutional Performance Management

Ellucian Institutional Performance Management

Unlock your data to drive real performance improvements

Ellucian Institutional Performance ManagementWith the growing focus on performance-based funding and accountability pressures, higher education executives require a solution that fosters a culture of performance.

The challenge is not only getting the right data, but turning that data into actionable information and using it to align strategic plans and operational goals. Campus executives need to unlock their data so they can use it to drive real performance improvements in operations, learning outcomes, student success, and more.

Ellucian Institutional Performance Management is the first end-to-end performance management solution fully integrated with consultative strategic services that address the full solution scope—from planning installation, configuration, process, and culture to delivery. Developed with our strategic partners, Nuventive® and Microsoft®, Ellucian Institutional Performance Management incorporates data and key performance indicators from any source so faculty and staff campus-wide can plan, measure, analyze, and engage within a single, easy-to-use, and affordable system.

Ellucian Institutional Performance Management helps institutional leadership: 

  • Improve institutional achievement and competitiveness by applying data-informed change to every aspect of performance improvement
  • Manage strategic planning, institutional assessment, and quality improvement and document continuous improvement for accrediting bodies
  • Exceed internal and external stakeholders’ expectations by making key performance indicators accessible and linking them to strategic planning