Ellucian Luminis Platform

Ellucian Luminis Platform

Finding a better way to connect and serve your education communities means providing the interactive and collaborative environments they need to thrive. With Ellucian Luminis® Platform, a portal and web services environment tailored for higher education, you can deliver the right information, services, and collaborative tools to every campus stakeholder—anytime and anywhere. That kind of dynamic support is at the heart of the Ellucian Luminis Platform experience. Because the relationships your constituents have with your institution are never static—they grow and change over time. With the ability to use almost any data element to personalize content, you can deliver the services your constituents expect—and modify content quickly when roles or preferences change.

“It is important for our ongoing competitiveness in the marketplace and our viability as an institution to build community with our campus and extended students. Luminis Platform is key to sharing our vision and values with people on campus and at a distance.”
Lynne Hamre, CIO, The College of St. Scholastica

Helping your education community connect is simple too. Ellucian Luminis Platform provides new capabilities to help you build and manage communities. Everyone across your institution can contribute to wikis, have threaded discussions, and share resources and information. Social networking tools help faculty members connect to students beyond email or the learning management system. Communication support helps you successfully engage alumni, trustees, and other stakeholders—on or off your campus.

That flexibility extends to the Ellucian Luminis Platform architecture as well. Its modular, open design means you have more control over how you deliver web services to your constituents. And standards-based user authentication supports better security and delivers a better experience for every constituent.

With the Ellucian Luminis Platform, your institution can:

  • Create a better user experience for every member of your education community
  • Support effective, timely, and meaningful communications
  • Simplify system management and administrative processes
  • Improve productivity and reduce the cost of administrative operations