Ellucian Mobile

Ellucian Mobile

Deliver high-demand mobile features and a seamless user experience—today

Propel your mobile campus with Ellucian Mobile, the solution that offers the features and flexibility you need to engage your community, analyze and customize your user experience, and expand your campus presence—today.

Multimedia messaging. Google Analytics. Single sign-on access to external mobile web applications and Ellucian web products. These features—along with same-day deployment and attractive pricing—have led 600 institutions to join the worldwide community of Ellucian Mobile campuses.

Ellucian Mobile enables you to:

  • Integrate with your existing Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, or PowerCampus by Ellucian ERP
  • Configure via the cloud for real-time customizations and updates
  • Leverage analytics to improve users’ mobile campus experience
  • Deliver volumes of varied content through a highly customizable framework
  • Implement quickly, affordably, and at the scale you need
  • Publish multimedia materials to enhance community engagement
  • Provide a single app for all your constituents—students, faculty, prospective students, alumni, and visitors
  • Launch in hours, not days
  • Integrate non-Ellucian services and mobile web apps
  • Implement on your own or with support from Ellucian

Best of all, implementation is quick and easy, so you can go live with Ellucian Mobile today.

“Everything is done for you. We spent more time talking about mobile in meetings than it took for me to deploy it. You can tell that Ellucian put a lot of effort into this product, and I get the sense that they will keep expanding it.”

—Reuben Marcus, Manager of Portal and Web Services, Fashion Institute of Technology

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