Ellucian Student Engagement and Retention

Nurture Learners  

Today’s consumer-oriented students and their families research colleges and apply to a greater number of schools. They compare institutional strengths, weigh pros and cons, and consider public quality rankings.

Student Success 

Because student learning and success is measured through engagement, retention, completion rates, and time to graduation, institutions face increased pressures to demonstrate high levels of accountability towards meeting acceptable standards.

As federal and state appropriations decrease and endowments decline, public and private institutions are becoming increasingly dependent upon tuition revenue, and thus more driven to retain students. And as national demographics shift, some areas in the country will see fewer high school graduates over the next decade, while others will see higher numbers of low-income students who may experience significant academic or financial challenges in enrolling and persisting in school. 

Ellucian Student Engagement and Retention is a portfolio of solutions that work together to help you help your students reach their educational goals by:

  • Clearing pathways and reducing the complexity students commonly experience when completing business transactions—from early warnings to degree audits and educational planning tools
  • Detecting problems early by monitoring key events, behaviors, outcomes, and even administrative processes for indicators that a student might be struggling
  • Encouraging meaningful engagement by creating the connections and learning opportunities that help students invest in campus communities
  • Applying insightful analytics to evaluate, model, and predict outcomes as well as identify patterns that can be used to build and test corrective actions

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