Ellucian Education Services

Ellucian Education Services

Technology has the potential to decrease workloads and increase productivity—but only if functional users are leveraging its full capabilities. With tight budgets and multi-tasking employees, finding the time and resources to keep your workforce at peak skill levels isn’t always easy.

Ellucian Education Services takes the burden of delivering training off your institution by providing cost-effective, flexible training options that can be tailored to meet your users’ individual needs and timelines. And who knows better how to maximize every ounce of functionality in your solutions than the company who made them?


  • Achieve increased ROI from your enterprise and departmental software by bringing new employees up-to-speed quickly, expose veteran users to new functionality, or enable cross-training
  • Free your IT office to manage your technology instead of training your users on your software
  • Deliver consistent training on current functionality 
  • Choose the training method that works best for your users and your budget
  • Provide comprehensive topics for both beginner and advanced audiences across all product areas

We offer three training options: the Ellucian On-Demand Subscription Library, which is delivered in pre-defined sets of courses referred to as Knowledge Packs, online training, and classroom training. We also offer the flexibility of using training credits. Each option is designed to address the functional user’s job responsibilities as well their individual learning style.

Education options:

  • On-Demand Subscription Library is a repository of all asynchronous content, designed in short segments to help users quickly master the software they use every day. The library is accessible any time, so users can participate at their convenience. Many courses conclude with a proficiency assessment. This library features several curricula which customers can access through:
    • Knowledge Essentials: geared towards all users of a product, is basic in nature, and covers content that is a prerequisite for other training courses
    • Knowledge Fundamentals: a pre-selected set of courses from the various collections within a curriculum that equates to approximately five–10 hours of content  (Knowledge Essentials is included at no extra charge) 
    • Knowledge Pro: full access to the On-Demand Subscription Library
      Three-month subscriptions are available for select levels. 
    Contact us to get more information about the Ellucian Knowledge Packs.  
  • Online Training courses can be conveniently accessed from the user’s desktop and provide the advantages of instructor guidance and peer collaboration
  • Classroom Training provides hands-on education in an interactive classroom setting at a regional location or at your campus. Classroom training also is available in the form of pre-conferences to larger user group meetings along with special Ellucian education conferences
  • Training Credits are a purchasing option that enables you to budget a certain amount to use throughout the year for any combination of online or classroom training channels

Implementation of software marks the beginning—not the end—of training. Software, staff, and best practices all evolve. Keeping your users up to date on the latest functionality and leveraging the solution to its fullest improves business processes and increases ROI.