Banner Workflow

Workflow management software streamlines information flow

Finding more efficient ways to support your institution begins with automating many of the processes that sustain it. Banner® Workflow is open, flexible workflow management software that automates, simplifies, and directs the flow of information across your entire institution. Business events—a new hire or a student applying for admission, for example—trigger the appropriate business process logic, rules, and conditions. Activities that once required manual triggers—notifications, approvals, and other processes—happen automatically, speeding completion of tasks while ensuring consistency and accuracy. The results are more efficient operations, better customer service, and better information in the hands of the people who need it.  

“By incorporating workflow with imaging, we have achieved significant business process improvements, improved service to our students, and we are leveraging our investment and resources in our Banner ERP.”
Joseph Tufano, Vice President of Information Technology & CIO, St. John's University

Banner Workflow is flexible enough to accommodate the business rules adopted by your institution. You can also choose to leverage prebuilt workflows delivered through a services engagement with Ellucian.

Banner Workflow can help your institution:

  • Improve the processes that support how your institution works
  • Deliver improved customer service to staff, students, and faculty
  • Complete important tasks more quickly and efficiently
  • Measure how well your processes and workflows support your goals