3 Ways to Manage and Attract Top Talent

3 Ways to Manage and Attract Top Talent

By Laura Weathersby on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What keeps your institution running day after day, year after year? Students and infrastructure are a huge part of your ecosystem, but few resources are as critical to your success as top-notch faculty and staff.

Those resources have become even more critical in light of recent baby boomer retirements.

Looking to recruit top talent for your organization? Here are three strategies to consider before sending out your next job posting:

  • Recruit More Effectively
    The emergence of digital recruitment tools, including online job-application portals and other resources, means that colleges can cast a wide net for talent. But there’s a downside to choosing from a deeper pool of applicants: Somebody has to comb through all of that information to identify the best candidates.

    This process takes time. It also requires efficiency. Take a hard look at your interview and decision-making processes. Make sure you have a system in place to interview best-fit candidates, even if those candidates are from out of state. Think about the possibility of video interviews, and put teams into place to rate candidates, review their personal and work history and credentials and check references.

  • Build Leaders From Within
    Sometimes the best hires are already on staff. It’s important to support employee development with skills training and self-improvement resources. Build an infrastructure that offers employees opportunities to learn the latest platforms, tactics and technologies. Empower staff to take on added responsibility and get better at their jobs. That way, when the time does come, they’ll be ready to step into progressively more responsible roles.

  • Track Job Performance
    Chances are you already have a system in place to track employee tasks and individual performance. But is that system being updated as often as it should be? Are individual departments within your organization using the same or different measures? Are your managers satisfied with the results?

    The right software solution can help answer these and other questions.

Want more strategies for effective best-fit recruitment at your college? Check out our white paper The ROI of talent management.

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