Built for Tomorrow… Ready Today… Let’s Get Started at EDUCAUSE 2016

Built for Tomorrow… Ready Today… Let’s Get Started at EDUCAUSE 2016

By Jeff Ray on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

EDUCAUSE 2016 is upon us, and we at Ellucian can’t wait to share all of the new and exciting ways we are enabling student and institutional success. We’ve grown so much in the last year that it’s hard to squeeze everything into just a few days; but we’re going to do our best to showcase the results of what has been the most innovative year in our history.

Be sure to visit the Ellucian Booth (#601), where you can learn about an approach to cloud that is a generation ahead of the legacy vendors in the higher education space. Because we are new to cloud, we built ours as it would be built today – with Amazon Web Services infrastructure and minimally disruptive migration processes. Our entire solutions portfolio will be cloud ready by the beginning of 2017 – and that includes our new Banner and Colleague releases.

If you haven’t already, you can also check out the Ellucian Ethos Platform, which is purpose-built to solve higher education’s greatest technology challenges. Analytics and big picture decision-making were once hindered by myriad applications that could not talk to each other. Now, information is standardized, packaged, and shared across the institution – whether the underlying data comes from an Ellucian application or not. Implementation of new software once took months or even years. Now, institutions can begin to leverage new solutions in a matter of days.

Ellucian Analytics is also on display. Anchored by the Ellucian Ethos Data Model, it is designed to empower more than 200 personas across campus to leverage the information they really need. Content matters – so, much like Yelp, users can score information according to its utility. As a result, the most valuable insights are shared across the institution to improve decision making at every level.

You also have the chance to learn about our CRM suite. Ellucian CRM Recruit, CRM Advise and CRM Advance are changing the way institutions manage enrollment, retention and development. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics, they provide students, faculty, administrators, and staff with a guided, personalized experience that maximizes the probability of success. From prospect to alumnus, they are an entirely new way to manage the total student lifecycle.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we are also showcasing our innovative approaches to Competency Based Education (CBE), continuing education, and workforce development.

Ellucian Brainstorm facilitates CBE programs with solutions that award credit for prior knowledge and provide students with their own customized learning path and pace of completion. Ellucian Elevate integrates with an institution’s existing Ellucian ERP to manage, report, and market continuing education programs, ultimately maximizing performance and driving increased enrollment.

As I said above, a few days is barely enough time to cover all the exciting things we’re working on; let alone a single blog post – and I haven’t even gotten into our innovations in mobile, beacon technology and virtual reality. So please click here for a detailed look at everything we’re doing at our booth and during the breakout sessions.

It’s going to be a great week.

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Jeff Ray

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