Ellucian Live 2018: Day one recap

Ellucian Live 2018: Day one recap

By Ellucian on Monday, April 9, 2018

Over the weekend, the majority of our expected 8,000 attendees from 43 countries made it to San Diego in time for the Monday morning event kick-off. And it did not disappoint!

Ellucian President and CEO, Laura Ipsen, welcomed attendees, sharing insight on what she’s learned over her first few months with Ellucian and what’s in store for the rest of 2018.

“I joined Ellucian just four months ago and it’s feeling more and more like home,” said Ipsen. “John Chambers (former CEO of Cisco) once told me that, ‘education is the great equalizer in life’­­––this has stuck with me through my entire career.”

She extolled the power of community, sharing that it is our relationships and community that push us to do better, to reach for more, and to help each other succeed. It’s not just about what technology is doing for one institution, it’s about how that example can help propel others forward.

“Disruption has to be seen as an opportunity,” she continued. Students are digital consumers and expect technology outside of the classroom to be just as effective as technology in the classroom. It’s students that are charting this course, and we need to help them stay on track, graduate on time, and keep them connected with their school for their lifetime.

Laura Ipsen - Ellucian Live

“I truly believe we are at a critical juncture when it comes to transformation,” she said. “We can strengthen the back office to illuminate the front office, create new efficiencies to deliver new experiences and to improve outcomes––outcomes that change lives.”

After hearing stories about how institutions are experiencing the power of Ethos shared by James Willey, SVP Product Management, Laura re-emerged to honor our 2018 EllumiNation Award winners who are pushing the boundaries of tech in higher ed. She shared how each of this year’s winners are using technology to achieve mission-driven innovation. The honorees are:

  • EllumiNation Executive Award: Dr. Mary Graham, President atMississippi Gulf Coast Community College
  • EllumiNation Technology Award: Oral Roberts University
  • EllumiNation Community Award: MarkKoenig, Assistant Vice President for Advancement Services at Oregon State University Foundation
  • EllumiNation Participant of the Year: Lamar University

Dr. Jill Biden, former Second Lady, then took the stage and underscored the importance of community colleges to America’s future. She shared how she has seen community colleges change the lives of so many of her students for the better.

Jill Biden - Ellucian Live

She shared that she is inspired by Ellucian’s idea of an empowered campus, and gave everyone credit for attendance considering how beautiful it is here in San Diego.

“While I no longer have my office at the White House, I still have my office at Northern Virginia Community College,” said Dr. Biden. “For eight years that was my dichotomy––state receptions and midterms. Both parts of my life has shaped me immeasurably and I learned that one person can make a difference in others’ lives.”

She inspired the audience to really listen and to support those that need an extra lift up. Using the power of connection, we can reach out when it counts. We don’t have to change the world––it’s small, every day actions can empower others to achieve.

“Education represents the best of what we are and what we are capable of,” she said. “There is power in connection; there is power in community.”

The opening keynote led into more than 150 breakout sessions from a fantastic group of presenters and partners sharing exciting new solutions, innovative business strategies, and inspiring stories.

Come back again tomorrow—we’ll have another daily post with highlights from the floor. And, make sure you follow along on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in real-time using #elive18.

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