Ellucian Live 2018: Day three recap

Ellucian Live 2018: Day three recap

By Ellucian on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Last night, the Ellucian Customer Appreciation party celebrated our favorites parts of colleges and universities. Attendees showed their school pride while playing giant Jenga in the quad, playing video games in the dorm room and dancing the night away.

Ellucian Live wrapped up today with a few last early morning sessions and the closing keynote from Malala Yousafzai. Just back from her first visit to Pakistan since her attack in 2012, she sat down for a Q&A with CMO Jackie Yeaney.

She inspired our audience by sharing the stories of the women and girls she’s met while traveling the world to learn about the issues different countries are facing. With the technology and resources we have now, she believes we can make access to education a possibility for the 30 million girls that cannot go to school right now.

“Technology is crucial,” she said. “Imagine the importance of technology in reaching students who don’t have access to school. We are considering how we can use technology to reach displaced children, or girls who have restrictions to leave their house, or those in remote areas––technology can make the dream of education for every child accessible.”

Her words inspired us all to follow our passions and help our students achieve success by doing the same.

“Choose a life that will make you happy,” she said. “To me student success is finding what you feel passionate about and choosing to work towards something you love, even if it is hard.”

She shared that she is loving the new approach towards learning she’s experiencing in college. In Pakistan the learning experience was memorizing what you were taught, without asking questions, just accepting it as fact. Now at Oxford, she’s finding that she is encouraged to analyze things, to think, and to question, then develop her own ideas.

She recently opened a secondary school for girls in her home village, saying “I believe you have to start at home. This state of the art school will empower women and improve the quality of life for both men and women, and have a positive impact on the whole region.”

Her incredible stories, strength and bravery left us all feeling inspired to work towards our passions and encourage the passions of others as we head home.

Next year, we head to New Orleans for Ellucian Live 2019.

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