Ellucian Live 2018: Day two recap

Ellucian Live 2018: Day two recap

By Ellucian on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

With nearly 350 breakout sessions, today is the meatiest day of the conference. Attendees are hearing from Ellucian experts and peers on topics like: new pathways to the cloud, new approaches to integration of systems, and how to meet today’s heightened expectations of the campus experience. They’re learning new techniques, discovering innovative solutions, and troubleshooting their institution’s challenges.

The exhibit hall was buzzing —full of partners and attendees networking and exploring services and solutions designed for the modern, connected campus. New this year: the Ellucian Empowered Campus gave visitors hands-on experience with groundbreaking new technology.

VR Demo - Ellucian Live
Group Demo - Ellucian Live

After a great day of sessions, it’s time to let loose! Stay tuned for updates from the customer appreciation event in tomorrow’s final eLive update. Also, follow along in real-time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #elive18

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