Freeze fall deposits—melt your summer communication plan

Freeze fall deposits—melt your summer communication plan

By William Kartsimas on Friday, July 14, 2017

As an enrollment manager, it is your job to keep your recruitment and admission staff focused throughout the summer so they can convert and yield a robust fall class that not only meets, but explodes through your enrollment targets.

To freeze fall deposits, you and your admission staff must melt the current summer communication plan.

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Fear not, you can always revert to blasting emails and italicizing the first name to give the impression of personalization. But prior to doing so, please consider the way in which the rest of the world communicates with you.

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The way in which you craft, create, and consume content should be reflected in the tactics, techniques, and procedures tasked to your recruitment and admission staff.

Audit yourself. When was the last time you opened an email that seemed to be blasted in your general direction? Perhaps you opened it. And perhaps you felt duped again.

This style of marketing only works if it’s predicated on the foundation of past human connection. In other words, has a human from the admission office connected with the human receiving the email in some personal way?

The variable to success: have your team come up with 100 ways to personally connect with your admitted, deposited, and registered students prior to sending an email blast that conveys important information.

There is no substitute for authenticity.

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Email open rates in the 90s were over 50%. Anyone with an AOL account (who didn’t have one?) can attest to the fact that we read everything.

And what happened? Marketers ruined it. Now, if an enrollment marketer sees open rates around 2%, the campaign is deemed a success.

So, how can we use Ellucian CRM Recruit features and functionality to connect with admitted, deposited, and registered students that aligns with the way in which we engage our world outside of the enrollment management office?

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Please share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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