Highlights: Ellucian World Tour Bogotá 2016

Highlights: Ellucian World Tour Bogotá 2016

By Din Lapidot on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Ellucian World Tour Bogota, held October 18-20, was a resounding success. More than 200 higher education professionals from 10 countries gathered to exchange ideas, network, and share success stories. Here are a few highlights from the event.

Ellucian World Tour Bogota 2016 - Group & Clown

Informative workshops

The Ellucian World Tour Bogota included a Banner XE adoption workshop. This workshop was designed to help institutions across the region implement XE for Banner® by Ellucian.

Ellucian World Tour Bogota 2016 - Talleres


Inspiring keynote speakers

During her keynote, Ellucian’s Kari Branjord, senior vice president for product management—ERP, noted that “Latin America is now home to 156 million smartphone users, a 22 percent year-over-year increase over the previous year. This figure will reach 246 million by 2019. We are operating in a mobile-driven, on-demand environment… and the cloud is what makes it all possible.” She also spoke about the evolution of Ellucian solutions, through the Ethos and XE platforms.

Ellucian World Tour Bogota 2016 - Kari Branjord

Author and guest-speaker Juan Gomez discussed “radiant leadership,” a technique that can help individuals become better leaders and achieve an optimum work/life balance. “Open your mind and understand that being a leader is not to send or give orders,” he said, “but to help the individual team members create and make a difference in your enviroment.”

Ellucian World Tour Bogota 2016 - Juan Gomez

Success stories

The University of Bucaramanga, the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts, and the Inter-American University shared their experiences with Ellucian’s solutions, describing how the technology has enabled them to help their students succeed. These “success stories” were followed by engaging question-and-answer sessions.

Ellucian World Tour Bogota 2016 - Ronda de preguntas

Networking and relaxation

Colombian rumba music filled the air during the gala dinner as attendees relaxed and became acquainted with each other.

Ellucian World Tour Bogota 2016 - Cena de gala

Photo gallery and contest

Be sure to check out our photo gallery and participate in our photo contest.

Ellucian World Tour Bogota 2016 - Mejor momentos

Join us at Ellucian Live 2017 March 19-22 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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