How does a university with 35,000+ students handle continuous enrollment management?

How does a university with 35,000+ students handle continuous enrollment management?

By Dana Hamerschlag on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Are you spending time and resources on prospective students who are not a good fit for your institution?

It was clear to Texas Tech University, an institution with enrollment that exceeds 35,000, that it couldn’t depend on reputation alone to attract and enroll the best-fit students. It knew a modern approach to enrollment management was key to helping the institution’s recruiters find and nurture the most appropriate prospective students. With that fundamental element in place it could fuel the continuous undergraduate admissions cycle.

“For us to be effective, it’s important that we have a metered and controlled commitment to students,” said Ethan Logan, executive director for undergraduate admissions at Texas Tech University. “We need to know where students are in our communication process when we meet with them in order to provide them with a service they need immediately in that experience.”

Like many institutions, Texas Tech had plenty of data about where students fell in the recruitment cycle. The problem was data in too many places. They lacked a single source of truth, capturing not just where prospects were in the process, but what information and materials they received and what their interests were.

To enable its vision of having a metered and controlled dialogue with students, Texas Tech opted to  implement a full-featured constituent relationship management (CRM) solution. This integrates with its student information system, Banner® by Ellucian.

Hear from Ethan Logan on how Texas Tech partnered with Ellucian to modernize its enrollment management system to reach best-fit students:

What’s your institution doing to engage today’s students in meaningful dialogue? Share below in the comments.

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