New talent management system increases employee retention

New talent management system increases employee retention

By Ellucian on Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tina Woodard, CEO of Capstone Performance Solutions, knows what it takes to build an effective talent management system. As the assistant vice chancellor for organizational development in higher education, she was tasked with helping bring together 35 public colleges on a single technology platform for learning and development.

The university system learned that having disparate employee learning management processes and systems was inefficient, so the focus of its efforts shifted to integrated talent management. “All institutions will be on one platform for benefits and payroll administration as well as the talent management and learning management solution.”

Integrating the talent management system has helped in numerous ways, says Woodard. “It was important to automate all our processes because we were using disjointed systems. The systems weren’t talking to us.” They also weren’t talking to each other, making it difficult to communicate about job openings across the organization. With more than 42,000 employees, that meant a lot of needs were going unmet.

The learning management solution is an important aspect of the platform, says Woodard, because it’s “how we deliver learning and professional development to our employees. One of the reasons my position was established eight years ago was that at the time we had 35 institutions, and only about 40 percent of those institutions had robust learning and professional development and leadership development programs.”

Woodard said that there were huge leadership gaps in the system, and that missing element was contributing to low employee-retention rates. “We recognized that employees were experiencing challenges in attending learning and development programs—even simple things like getting released from their jobs to attend face-to-face training. We found that e-learning was a way we could continue supporting their learning, development, and performance management.”

Woodard says the move has helped increase employee retention and—perhaps more importantly—employee engagement. “We believe that if our employees are more engaged, then we’re going to retain them longer than we would otherwise.” Creating this engagement by implementing a learning management system resulted in a culture change around performance management, too. “We had to educate and make our employees aware of the e-learning resources as well as do the work to influence managers to utilize the system.”

“Integrated talent management processes make everything easier,” says Woodard, “especially if employees have a single sign-on they can use to access the information they need. It makes all our processes more efficient, and efficiency is what we need in the fast-paced environment in which we work.”

TINA WOODARD, CEO, Capstone Performance Solutions

Dr. Tina Woodard has 20 years of experience in the higher education, nonprofit, and government sectors. She worked as an executive leader in higher education where she directed organizational development and strategic talent management for more than 40,000 employees for eight years. She holds a B.S. degree in industrial engineering, a Master of Human Resource Development degree, and a doctorate in adult education. Her research focuses on strategic talent management.

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