The 5 Benefits of eTranscripts

The 5 Benefits of eTranscripts

By Rich Lee on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Great strides have been made to bring higher education into the digital era. Student recruitment is increasingly fueled by the use of big data and the cloud is enabling new efficiencies in college administration. But not all facets of the college experience have adapted to technology with ease.   

Take academic transcripts, for example. For many colleges and universities, the process of creating and assembling academic records is archaic and cumbersome. Once a request for transcript is made, the institution has to process that request, print the transcript and mail the document to the recipient.

As the number of students who choose to change institutions during their educations continues to rise—a recent report finds that a third of all college students change institutions at least once in five years—administrators could benefit from a more efficient process. 

If your institution finds itself buried under requests for academic transcripts, a switch to eTranscripts is long overdue. Here are five reasons to consider making a change.    

  1. eTranscripts Save Money
    Paper costs money. So does processing. By switching to an electronic model, your college can reduce costs by cutting back on excessive printing and conserve valuable staff hours by automating formerly manual processes.
  2. eTranscripts Save Time
    Processing an academic transcript can take a week—sometimes longer, depending on demand. With eTranscript model that process, including authentication and e-delivery, can be reduced to a matter of minutes.
  3. eTranscripts Make Staff More Effective
    By cutting back on the amount of time staff spend processing transcripts, the college can empower employees to focus on critical administrative tasks. With eTranscripts, 90 percent of requests are handled automatically, without the help of a college administrator.  
  4. eTranscripts are Safe
    Data breaches and inadvertent security leaks are a big area of concern on campus, but security isn’t a concern with eTranscripts. Proper authentication and eligibility checks prevent anyone but the intended recipient from gaining access to official student records.  
  5. eTranscripts are Easy to Integrate
    I know what you’re thinking, “That all sounds great, but no technology integration is without challenges.” A switch to eTranscripts requires some level of technology change. You’ll need to make some adjustments to your current technology infrastructure. But those changes are not as extensive as you probably think.   

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