The stakes are high

The stakes are high

By Dwain Reasoner on Monday, January 30, 2017

Rewarding excellence has never been more important

With global economic shifts, we desperately need more—and more diverse—well-educated members of society. But as news headlines remind us almost daily, higher education needs to evolve and innovate in order to deliver the right opportunities and help students succeed.

So many factors are at play, from policy to funding at both the state and federal level. Yet individual faculty and administrators play a pivotal role in helping students succeed. Their contributions in classrooms, labs, and campus offices have the potential to inspire the most meaningful change.

Each year, Ellucian identifies visionaries and change-makers among our thousands of customer institutions and honors them with EllumiNation Awards. The awards recognize those individuals or institutions who are using technology to improve student outcomes, increase access to education, or incubate and share new best practices.

We can’t find them on our own!

Nominations from peers are so important to identifying and celebrating success. So if you know of an executive, campus, or community leader within higher education (or within your own institution) who deserves recognition for innovating and inspiring, please submit a nomination today. We’ll announce the winners in March at our 2017 eLive conference in Orlando, Florida.

Below you’ll find a video on our 2016 EllumiNation Award winners. They inspire us—and we hope they inspire you as well.

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Dwain Reasoner

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