Top 4 Highlights from the Ellucian World Tour Mexico City

Top 4 Highlights from the Ellucian World Tour Mexico City

By Din Lapidot on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More than 150 attendees from 20 institutions in Mexico and Central America attended the Ellucian World Tour Mexico City September 27-29. Their participation is helping to build a foundation for student success at institutions across the region. Here are the top four highlights from the recent event:

World Tour México 2016: Group Photo

Transitioning to XE

We started the week with a special workshop for those institutions that are on their way toward adopting Banner® by Ellucian with XE. Mark Hoye, solutions engineer at Ellucian, spoke about the steps toward implementing XE and chose a select group of institutions to be guided through the process.

World Tour México 2016: Banner XE Group

Hands-on workshops

The hands on training workshops were by far the most popular activity of the Ellucian World Tour Mexico City. Participants learned what it’s like to be a student at “Ellucian University,” from applying to the “university” to registering and choosing classes through mobile tools and online. Also popular were the competency-based education workshop by Steve Chazin, vice president of teaching and learning products and services at Ellucian, and the virtual reality workshop by Bobby Gonzalez, user experience researcher at Ellucian.

World Tour México 2016: Graduated Group

Inspirational keynotes

World Tour México 2016: Jeff Ray

Jeff Ray, president and CEO at Ellucian, opened the day by speaking on the importance of innovation and leveraging technology to enable major changes in higher education. He also mentioned that Mexico is eliminating barriers in order to help students succeed

World Tour México 2016: Carlos Tapia

Carlos Tapia, speaker and author, discussed the role of education in the “fourth industrial revolution” during his lecture, “Hack the Future.” Through an entertaining presentation, he explored how new generations solve their problems with science, mathematics, and technology—and are considered creators rather than consumers—with the urge to innovate and make a difference in the world.

World Tour México 2016: Steve Chazin

Competency-based education is becoming more popular in Mexico and the region. Some institutions are currently utilizing successful CBE programs. Steve Chazin explored how adult students bring particular skills that institutions can measure and evaluate through technology with academic programs that fit their needs, time, and knowledge.

Success stories and informative sessions

After a product strategy update given by Kari Branjord, Ellucian’s senior vice president of product management—ERP, attendees chose from a number of presentations in which Ellucian customers shared their successes. There were also plenty of informative sessions about Ellucian products and services.

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