What You Need to Know About Higher-Education Cloud Security

What You Need to Know About Higher-Education Cloud Security

By Sudarshan Ranganath on Monday, December 22, 2014

There’s no question that the cloud has important implications for higher education. Most institutions already use some form of cloud-based software, whether in the classroom or for administrative purposes. But the majority of these integrations have occurred gradually and amid cautious optimism.

If you’ve picked up the newspaper or read the online headlines in recent months, it’s not hard to understand why colleges would want to move slowly. There isn’t an administrator out there who isn’t concerned about the scourge of data breaches sweeping the nation’s college campuses — and for good reason. Consider how much the average data breach costs:

Cloud Security Infographic Blog 1

Early returns on cloud-based software integrations have been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, recent research suggests that cloud environments are more secure than most colleges probably realize.

Cloud Security Infographic Blog 2

But that doesn’t mean that all cloud-based networks are inherently impenetrable.

Here’s a quick snapshot of where cloud-based software breaches most frequently occur:

Cloud Security Infographic Blog 3

You can learn more about the state of cloud security in higher education by reading our latest infographic. Looking for more great visuals? Be sure to explore and bookmark our new infographic page on the Insights section of our website.


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