Why NACUBO will be abuzz about analytics

Why NACUBO will be abuzz about analytics

By Henry DeVries on Monday, July 11, 2016

For a few years now, “data” has been the buzzword in higher education. And for good reason: if you don’t have centrally located, reliable data about your students, for example, how can you make intelligent and (oftentimes) important decisions? Conventional wisdom has held that the more you know, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to make those momentous decisions.

To a certain extent, that’s true. Data is a crucial tool for any institution. But data divorced from context—or meaning—isn’t going to help drive decisions. A database jam packed with student data may be impressive, but it’s like a Ferrari stuck in neutral: extraordinary potential going nowhere.

That’s where analytics comes in, and you can expect that word to be floated around frequently during the NACUBO 2016 Annual Meeting.

Analytics—provided in context for higher education—is gaining traction. It allows institutions to parse vast amounts of data and analyze it in context, to drill down into what that information means for the institution, and how it can be used to better understand what’s going on. In other words, better decisions based on better information—not necessarily more of it. Analytics is emerging as an essential mechanism to help institutions reach their objectives, thrive, and evolve. Those institutions that have effectively used analytics will be singing its praises during the NACUBO meeting, while those that are just now investigating its potential will be asking a lot of questions.

For more information about the power and potential of analytics, check out our blog, Sure your data is big—but is it valuable?

We look forward to seeing you at the NACUBO Annual Meeting in Montreal on July 16-19. Please stop by booth #1007 to see a demo of Ellucian’s solutions and connect with our experts. While you’re there, mention the word “evolve” and receive a small giveaway from Ellucian.

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