Ellucian at EDUCAUSE 2017

Ellucian at EDUCAUSE 2017

At Ellucian, we know that innovation and insight walk hand in hand. So every day, we work with you, the higher education community, to develop tailor-made solutions that help you serve your students better. Together, we can build on what we know and thrive on what we learn. Discover how our shared passion is shaping campus technology for the next generation.

At Ellucian, we’re powered by our passion for higher education.

Which educators changed the way you view the world? Whose passion for a field or a topic ignited the fire that helped inspire your career? How did your mentors shape you?

Be a part of Ellucian's #poweredbypassion campaign by filming a short message about an influential teacher or professor you once had. Stop by Booth 1400 to record your message—or if you’re camera-shy, come post it on Twitter and Instagram using the #poweredbypassion hashtag.


Meeting Students' Technology and Platform Expectations

Wednesday, November 1
2:00 p.m.­–2:50 p.m.
Meeting Room 107A/B, 100 Level

Technology is central to the lives of today's students, and staying connected is paramount. In a recent survey, we asked students: What kinds of tech services do they want from their institution? Which apps and social media do they use to manage their educational experience? How important is mobile access? Join us as we discuss the results and implications with students from Mercer County Community College.

Mariana Cavalcanti, Vice President of Product Management and User Experience, Ellucian
Brandon Rojas and Alfred Powner, Students, Mercer County Community College

Tips for Transforming Data Into Persona-Based Insights

Wednesday, November 1
3:10 p.m.–4:00 p.m.
Meeting Room 107A/B, 100 Level

To improve institutional performance and enhance the student experience, institutions are increasingly turning to data analytics to guide their decision making. Are there a sufficient number of prospects to meet goals? What is the true cost of a course? Learn how colleges are breaking down data silos and building persona-based dashboards to answer these questions and many more.

James Willey, Senior Vice President of Product Management Platform, Ellucian
Patty Patria, Vice President of Information Technology, Becker College

Reinventing Higher Education Through the Cloud

Thursday, November 2
1:30 p.m.–2:20 p.m.
Meeting Room 108A, 100 level

To help improve students' lives through learning, colleges are investing in new technologies to enhance the learning experience and improve efficiencies. Learn how one university is reinventing higher education through an innovative partnership. We’ll share the institution's vision, how technology supports that vision, and its journey to the cloud.

Jeff Ralyea, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cloud, Ellucian
Tom Dionisio, Senior Vice President of Technology and Transformation, Southern New Hampshire University