Don’t just attract great employees. Keep them.

An eBook on achieving a truly unified talent management strategy

Your recruiting tool is not enough

Hiring the right people is only the first step in successful human resources management. Fostering engagement and professional growth are the keys to retaining and getting the most out of employees.

So while an applicant tracking system is a great recruitment tool, it’s not a tool for unified talent management.

What is a unified talent management platform?

While your institution may treat recruiting, learning, and performance as discrete tasks, in reality, they’re not separate. Performance evaluations can and should drive new learning initiatives—in turn improving performance. Performance plays directly into compensation decisions, succession planning, and leadership development—all of which drive institutional success and the attracting of more high quality talent.

A unified talent management platform integrates strategies, data, and workflows at every stage of the employee lifecycle to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. It enables HR and leadership to make the best use of their most valuable resource, their people.

Download the eBook to learn exactly what this looks like in practice and the rich benefits it provides to employees and their institutions.

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