Ellucian Ethos

A unifying platform for higher education

Why does higher education need a unified platform?

An institution’s success hinges on faculty and staff collaborating to drive toward a shared mission. Many institutions, however, lack the unified technology required to make this happen. Instead, critical information lives in silos, staff are duplicating efforts, and resources are being applied inefficiently.

A unifying platform can solve this challenge—unlocking data to improve decision making, increase performance, and spur student success.

That’s why Ellucian has invested in a comprehensive platform designed exclusively for higher education, Ellucian Ethos.

7 things to know about Ellucian Ethos:

  1. It provides institutions with a single, open, extensible architecture for modernization and growth.
  2. It’s hosted by Amazon Web Services and fully cloud enabled—offering greater security, scalability, mobility, ease-of-use, access to data, and rapid delivery options.
  3. It features a unified data model, which culls data from a wide variety of applications (from both Ellucian and third-party providers) and puts it in a standard language and format so that systems and people can communicate.
  4. It’s fully integrated, ensuring data flows seamlessly between systems, applications, and users—resulting in deeper, more productive collaboration at every level of the institution.
  5. It offers the kind of sophisticated analytics institutions need to improve performance and inform decision-making.
  6. It supports and unifies applications whether they are running on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.
  7. It’s the foundation on which we are delivering all of our next-gen solutions and services, and it’s already in use by nearly 350 institutions and 30 partners.

Ultimately, the Ellucian Ethos platform delivers a rich, connected ecosystem of solutions, partners, services, choices, data, and insights—the engine you need to run a modern campus.

Download the eBook for a detailed look at all Ellucian Ethos platform capabilities.

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