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Implementing key technology solutions for today’s modern campus

Within the past decade, there have been monumental transformations in higher education—from the ubiquity of mobile to changing student demographics to the escalating pace of innovation.

To meet strategic and operational goals, institutions must transform their technology accordingly.

Fortunately, technology can lay the groundwork for institutions to build a successful campus to serve the needs of students, faculty and staff, today and in the future. As long as institutions recognize the handful of key components outlined in this eBook, they will be able to easily meet those challenges.

Download the eBook for key factors to consider as you modernize your campus, including:

  1. Mobility is no longer a luxury
  2. The majority of students on campus today are carrying and using some form of device to connect to the Internet, mostly mobile phones. In fact, 75% of students have their phones near them 24 hours a day (Pew Research).

    A modern institution must allow students to access data—from financial aid information to course catalogs—from a mobile device, anywhere on campus. Mobile registration for classes, in particular, has become an integral part of the mobile collegiate experience. And, increasingly, faculty and staff expect the ability to access campus data beyond traditional workstations or desktop computers.

  3. Giving students more control keeps them on track
  4. Attending a college or university can be hectic. There are many processes, documents, and rules to follow—particularly when financial aid is involved. In the past, students might waste valuable time submitting incorrect forms or missing important deadlines. For some, the process might seem daunting and confusing, and could lead to disillusionment or, worse, students withdrawing from the institution.

    A modern campus provides technology that allows students to access their own information—anytime, anywhere—with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to see what needs to be done.

  5. The best technology helps faculty spend more time with students
  6. Faculty today are under tremendous pressure. The last thing they want to contend with is cumbersome administrative duties. That’s why it’s incumbent upon any institution to ease the workload on faculty so they may concentrate on what matters most for student success: face time with students.

    A modern institution should invest in technological solutions to make it easier to upload grades, keep track of student records, and administer classes. Removing difficult or redundant tasks frees faculty to craft more creative and effective teaching techniques.

  7. It’s never been more critical to protect data
  8. Attacks on colleges and universities now account for some 17% of all data breaches, second only to the medical industry. Whether it’s social security numbers, transcripts, or institutional research, failing to protect data can have serious financial and public relations consequences.

    A modern institution must implement a rigorous, comprehensive system that not only detects and thwarts data breaches—both on campus and off—but also prevents such attacks through high-level access controls, encryption, and firewalls. Institutions must also address privacy and regulatory compliance requirements across the system.

  9. Moving to the cloud can ease IT burden
  10. Cloud technology represents a significant advantage for institutions looking to modernize their campuses. As one of the most transformative advances in technology, the cloud allows institutions to concentrate on strategic priorities and other tasks, while applications and software are stored, maintained, and upgraded as-needed in the cloud.

    A cost-effective transition to the cloud helps institutions avoid the costs, disruptions, and downtime associated with major IT implementations, while still granting the ability to control and manage their applications in a secure and reliable platform.

    Ellucian provides systems to power the modern campus

    Today’s faculty, staff, and students expect their college or university to deliver a personalized educational experience, wherever they happen to be. Ellucian provides software, services, mobile, and cloud solutions designed to help any campus—anywhere in the world—thrive.

    Through our software and services, we reach more than 18 million students, delivering the solutions you need to foster student success. Ellucian also provides consulting services to assist any institution in its efforts to exceed the expectations of students, faculty, and staff.

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