An integrated enrollment system that saves staff and students time

Kettering University integrates its enrollment software and streamlines the application process with Ellucian CRM Recruit

Kettering University and its online graduate school, Kettering University Online, offer immersive, interactive, career-based programs designed to help students succeed in STEM and business-related careers. In the face of steady growth, Kettering University Online recently needed to upgrade its enrollment system to streamline its application processing and integrate its various programs into a single, efficient system.

The university had several objectives in mind. It wanted to give prospects easy online access to its application, reduce the time spent processing those applications, and implement its new solution as quickly as possible. And it needed a solution that would work smoothly with its existing technologies and strategies.

Kettering University Online chose Ellucian CRM Recruit as its enrollment solution for three key reasons: its modern functionality, configurability, and above all, its native integration with the university’s existing Banner ERP.

“What we were thinking is, ‘If we continue to grow the way we have, the better off we are getting something with seamless integration,’” says Christine Wallace, vice president of the Kettering Global Campus.

Viola Sprague, vice president of instructional, administrative, and information technology at Kettering, agrees. “We took a look at what our options were and found that really any tool besides CRM Recruit that we attempted to integrate was going to require a lot more effort than it really should, and would limit our report abilities,” she says.

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