Building an amazing student experience in the cloud

A look at Norfolk State University’s connected campus

NSU’s Director of Enterprise Applications, Lana Ludanova, is laser focused on ensuring students have a first-rate experience. So much so that she calls her department the “BASE” team, which stands for Building an Amazing Student Experience.

Ludanova and other university leaders believe that improving the student experience is critical to increasing enrollment numbers and solidifying their reputation for excellence. And they know that modernizing NSU’s technology infrastructure will play a key role in their success.

“I want us to go from being system-oriented to services-oriented,” says Ludanova. “We need to make things like billing and registration painless for students and free-up faculty and staff to support them in more strategic ways.”

Becoming more service oriented includes migrating core applications and data to the cloud, which NSU began doing in 2017. Their student information system, Colleague by Ellucian, is now being hosted in the cloud, and they’ve begun using software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Their ultimate destination is an all-cloud, all SaaS campus—a truly connected campus.

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