Top 4 benefits of automating travel and entertainment expenses

Travel and entertainment are costly but worthwhile investments. Whether sending faculty to industry-leading conferences, allowing graduate students to visit research archives, or ensuring development staff can host regional alumni events, these expenses directly support top business goals.

How do you reduce costs without reducing impact?

Fortunately, after payroll, travel expenses are the single most controllable cost of doing business. There are many ways to streamline processes that can directly increase return on investment. This eBook focuses on one overarching solution—converting to an automated, web-based system.

Why automate?

  • Manual, spreadsheet-based processing is costly: It can cost up to $26 to manually process a single expense report, not to mention long turnaround times and errors. Automation can reduce cost-per-report, while shifting staff time from travel management to travel strategy.
  • Built-in compliance measures speed payments: When allowable expenses and reporting requirements aren’t clear, travelers submit flawed reports. Automating checks and balances at every stage prevents delays before they start.
  • Without integrated information, it’s tough to improve: Siloed data makes it hard for most institutions to identify systemic issues or leverage opportunities. A centralized, online data source can be a game changer.
  • Paper is no longer sustainable: The complex web of approvals in higher education creates a long paper trail and even longer environmental footprint. An automated, online system offers savings in paper, printers, and distribution.

What you should look for in an automated, online T&E management solution:

  • Improved efficiency: Integrated processes from travel planning to authorization to advances to reimbursement
  • Better service: Fully mobile, with automated alerts and reminders
  • Greater control: Comprehensive reports and analytics
  • Reduced footprint: Online processing and approvals, digital document management

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