Ellucian Expands Strategic Partnerships and New Integration with Desire2Learn and Instructure

Published Friday, April 5, 2013 - Fairfax, Va.

EllucianTM is expanding its relationships with Desire2Learn and Instructure to provide higher education institutions with seamless, real-time integration between the valuable information in their Ellucian administrative systems and their choice of learning management systems. This agreement extends the current relationships to include a long-term, strategic commitment to all three Ellucian administrative systems by two of the fastest-growing LMS companies.

Initially, Desire2Learn will integrate its Desire2Learn Learning Suite and Instructure will integrate Canvas with Colleague® by Ellucian through the Colleague Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP). The planned integration will make it easier for institutions to manage and access information from their administrative and academic systems to improve the overall learning experience for faculty, students, and administrative staff. At the core of the integration, and fundamental to the overall agreement, is the ongoing commitment by all parties to support and leverage IMS standards (LIS 2.0) to support seamless, real-time exchange of data between the student information system and the learning management systems.

Through the expanded agreement, the companies will also commit to support the exchange of additional data between the student information system and the learning management systems. By increasing the points of access between mission-critical systems and exposing essential information including course effort data, institutions will gain a more holistic and timely understanding of students’ academic struggles and achievements. This will allow institutions to present more personalized and relevant resources to support student success.

“Desire2Learn and Ellucian already offer integration between Ellucian’s Course SignalsTM solution and our Desire2Learn Academic Suite,” said Jeff McDowell, vice president of marketing and business development, Desire2Learn. “This new agreement strengthens our commitments to the real-time, seamless data exchange that best supports and improves student success.”

The planned student success integration between the companies would help to create significant time and cost savings and greater ease of use for mutual clients. Bringing together information from administrative and academic systems will make it easier for them to access data, manage information across campus systems, and connect with constituents to improve the overall education experience.

“At Instructure, we are committed to supporting greater interoperability between Canvas and other systems,” said Devlin Daley, co-founder and chief technology officer at Instructure. “Advancing these efforts through our relationship with Ellucian and our support for industry standards ultimately benefits all of our mutual customers.”

The expanded relationships demonstrate Ellucian’s commitment to its Extensible Ecosystem vision, giving higher education institutions more power to choose the technologies, delivery models, and solutions that fit their unique needs.

“Partner relationships are essential to delivering on our Ellucian Extensible Ecosystem vision,” said Toby Williams, senior vice president, corporate development, Ellucian. “Enabling integration between more learning management systems and across all our administrative systems improves the user experience for faculty and students while giving them easier access to more tools that support student success.” 

Availability of the new integration is planned for April 2014.


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