Ellucian and Evisions Partner to Extend Institutional Performance Management

In early 2015, Banner® and Colleague® institutions will be able to use Argos as their key performance indicator engine for Ellucian Institutional Performance Management.

Published Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - Fairfax, Va.

Ellucian, the leading software and services provider for higher education institutions, announced today enhancements to a long-standing partnership with Evisions.  Clients that adopt Ellucian Institutional Performance Management will have the ability to integrate Argos, a dynamic reporting tool that presents leaders with aggregated campus data. The combination of Ellucian Institutional Performance Management and Argos will enable college and university executives to see how their institution is tracking against established key performance indicators and make necessary adjustments, in real time.

“Extending our partnership with Evisions will allow Ellucian Institutional Performance Management to more easily connect campus leaders with the information they need to make data-informed choices, be more competitive, and do more with each investment decision,” said Toby Williams, senior vice president of corporate development at Ellucian. “Ellucian Institutional Performance Management with Argos closes the gap between information and action by incorporating data from multiple sources within Banner® or Colleague®.”

Ellucian Institutional Performance Management is a first-to-market, analytical and data-decision tracking solution, designed and built for all campus executives and staff. Adding Evisions as an integrated reporting solution enables users to receive clear insight into key institutional data, which maps to the strategic objectives of the institution.

Ellucian Institutional Performance Management is available to Banner® and Colleague® customers, representing more than 1,500 institutions around the world.

“We’re pleased to advance our partnership by strengthening the Ellucian Institutional Performance Management solution with Argos,” said Matt McLellan, President at Evisions. “We understand the impact of binding ERP data and key performance indicators with an institutions’ strategic plan for higher education executives and we look forward to being a critical partner in this industry-essential tool.”

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