PowerCampus Reporting and Analytics Tools from Ellucian Help Measure Institutional Performance

Published Thursday, September 6, 2012 - Fairfax, Va.

A growing number of institutions are leveraging the reporting and business intelligence functionality within PowerCampus™ Enterprise Reporting and PowerCampus Analytics from Ellucian to help measure and understand institutional performance campus wide. The reporting and analytics capabilities give higher education institutions easy-to-use tools that access data from PowerCampus by Ellucian and help provide a comprehensive view of institutional performance.

The solutions provide out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, and pivot tables that help institutions transform institutional data housed within their PowerCampus administrative system into the information that campus leaders need to make more informed decisions. The solutions are built on Argos, the enterprise reporting solution from Evisions, and tailored to the specific needs of higher education PowerCampus customers.

Hilbert College initiated the collaboration that led Evisions and Ellucian to tailor existing Evisions’ solutions for the PowerCampus administrative suite.  Within a short time, the college created more than 60 reports that are being accessed daily by departments and administrators throughout the institution. Numerous other PowerCampus institutions also have implemented the solutions since they became available.

“We needed a flexible reporting solution that would give every campus department access to real-time data, and that would easily connect to all of our data systems to provide our  administrators with a campus-wide view to support informed decision making,” said Michael Murrin, vice president for information services, Hilbert College. “The capability to have all our data and these sophisticated reporting tools integrated within one umbrella is very powerful.”

In addition to providing analytics for key performance indicators, the solutions are helping the college identify new data relationships that are leading to more informed decisions. For example, the college has identified a relationship between academic performance and where and how students are housed on campus. Now they are able to examine how different combinations of students (grouping high-performing with low-performing students, freshman with upper class students, and so on) can improve their likelihood of success.

Some of the functionality provided by the solutions includes:

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards for student, advancement, finance, human resources, and financial aid data
  • The ability to identify trends that can help administrators make needed changes
  • Easy end-user access that allows users on campus to get the answers they need
  • Dashboards that help provide insight into the health of the institution

“Institutions of all types need access to instantaneous, real time data to enable performance-based decision making and to measure their progress toward goals,” said Kari Branjord, vice president, product management & strategy, Ellucian.  “We were pleased to work together with Hilbert and Evisions to bring these robust business intelligence solutions to our PowerCampus customers to help them continually improve the performance of their institutions.”

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