Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Drive operational performance

Institutions need to be more efficient and effective. Ellucian provides the analytic insights you need to make better, more strategic decisions every day.

Streamline processes

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Enhance productivity and communication for users across campus

Banner® by Ellucian provides a comprehensive set of features that strengthen every major workflow in higher education from student recruiting and retention to talent attraction and management.

Banner® by Ellucian
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Strengthen your digital campus

An effective campus is a connected campus. As a versatile higher education ERP, Colleague® by Ellucian is a fully integrated solution that provides the information you need to manage assets more efficiently and allocate resources effectively.

Colleague® by Ellucian
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Monitor and tune your team’s overall performance

Making decisions without clear insight is just guessing. Ellucian provides easy access to actionable intelligence that helps you answer strategic questions, build better processes, and make decisions that drive real improvements.

Ellucian Analytics and Reporting
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Simplify expense processing from start to finish

Easier travel and expense submissions and payments, improved compliance, and faster processing. Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River makes it all possible—available in the cloud and accessible from any device.

Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River
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Attract, train, and retain the best talent in higher education

High-quality faculty and staff are among your institution’s greatest assets. Ellucian Talent Management Suite can help you attract them and give them a reason to stay.

Ellucian Talent Management Suite


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