Partner Catalog

Logo Company Name Description Partner Type
AcademicWorks, Inc.

The AcademicWorks Platform serves as the catalyst to improve student access to scholarship funds, create impactful stewardship practices, and enhance cross-functional visibility throughout the process. Hundreds of college and universities use AcademicWorks to improve the compliance, utilization and stewardship of their scholarship funds, while improving services to students, donors, and the campus community.

ACI Worldwide

ACI offers campus-wide eCommerce technology trusted by over 200 Ellucian colleges and universities. You can delight students and drive efficiency thanks to the 20-year partnership between Ellucian and ACI’s UP Bill Payment Solution. Students access real-time data and institutions eliminate software development with ACI’s seamless integration into Ellucian systems. Watch a 2-minute video on new ways to use campus technology more efficiently:

Ad Astra Information Systems

Ad Astra Information Systems is the expert partner for institutions engaged in student success, efficiency and capacity initiatives. Student academic success outcomes and financial pressures dictate that our clients create more efficient schedules. Event management operations are becoming more sophisticated to meet the growing needs of internal and external stakeholders. Expectations for an institution-wide, real-time calendar of all activities are becoming the norm. To meet these needs, Ad Astra has committed a large portion of its resources over the past 15 years to research and development. The result is a growing suite of enterprise-class web applications that redefine the standard in higher education scheduling and planning.

Adirondack Solutions Inc

Adirondack Solutions is the worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions primarily for the college student life market. We offer products for web-based room assignments, housing operations, conduct, parking/vehicle registration, conference management, guest pass tracking, and more.

Advanced Secure Technologies Ltd/Digital Secure Systems Ltd

Developer of secure certificate systems for the laser print, electronic publishing and validation of degrees and qualifications

Advantage Design Group

With the Advantage Orientation® by Advantage Design Group, schools across America are transforming the orientation experience to engage new students and reach new enrollment goals. Our cloud-based platform presents students with interactive and video-rich content; a digital resource, accessible any time on any device. Educators gain a suite of powerful and time-saving content, learning and analytic tools, all within one application. Features include interactive quizzes, checklists, FAQs, auto reminders, surveys, and more, all wrapped in a custom-designed and Branded interface. Easily manage it all with seamless integration, robust reporting functionality, and limitless training.

ADVIZOR Solutions

ADVIZOR is a Business Intelligence software/services company that is all about helping people access and use data to make better data-driven decisions, optimize performance, and reach their program goals. We provide you with quick easy access to your data, loaded, blended, and synthesized from multiple data sources, in a format that makes it easy to analyze, understand, ask questions “on the fly” that you might not have thought to ask until you can see and explore the data visually, and then share findings with others. We combine our ADVIZOR software with the expertise of our team of business consultants to deliver visual, interactive data discovery and predictive analytics solutions that enable you to track the metrics that matter most. And all along the way we work very consultatively, providing coaching sessions and strategic assessments to ensure you reach your goals. We offer solutions for both fundraising and on the student side. And we support all Ellucian data systems, including CRM Advance, Advance, Banner Advancement, and Banner. Best of all, our solutions are low cost and quick to implement, with both on premise and managed hosted options.


AlumniSync’s approach is client-centered and leverages a dynamic understanding of the data landscape to deliver fast, cost effective, high quality data.   Using proprietary software, we consistently deliver the highest match rates and accuracy in the industry, helping our clients track their highly mobile alumni populations.  We’ve invested in making our service easy to use and charge only for the results we deliver.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. Colleges, universities, K12 districts and education technology providers access industry-shaping technology at an affordable cost, no matter what the scale or IT workload. Whether you need facilitate coursework, improve learning outcomes, manage your university's operations or access high-performance computing for demanding research projects, AWS has a solution


Automic Software is a leading global provider of workload automation, job scheduling and IT process optimization solutions that ensure core businesses processes and enterprise information systems run faster, more accurately and without interruption. More than 1,600 companies worldwide --including close to 300 colleges and universities--have successfully enhanced application processing performance and improved IT efficiency using Automic's business acceleration solutions.


AwardSpring is a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) platform that simplifies all aspects of scholarship management and awarding. Algorithms match scholarships that best suit each Student's profile, and workflow tools significantly increase the productivity and satisfaction of scholarship administration and review teams.


Axentit is a leading education Microsoft partner in Mexico and a reseller of Ellucian products and services in Central America.


Axiom Elite is Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) software that collects data from a variety of sources and uploads it directly into your student information system (Banner, Colleague or PowerCampus). This powerful tool features sophisticated algorithms for validating data accuracy and preventing duplicate records — more than 80% of records are processed automatically. A robust user interface makes exception handling fast and easy. Data can also be extracted from the student information system for input into other campus applications, and documents imaged to create a truly paperless process. Axiom Elite is not one-size-fits-all software — we customize the solution to precisely match your organization’s data sources, business logic and workflows.