Ajman University improves operations and supports student success with Ellucian Banner Student

Ajman University improves operations and supports student success with Ellucian Banner Student

By Ellucian on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ajman University (AU), the first private institution of higher education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf region, has recently gone live with Ellucian Banner Student as part of a university-wide effort to enhance operations and holistically support student success. In an effort to improve the overall AU experience for both students and staff, Ellucian’s solutions will also help integrate and manage the university’s learning management systems (LMS), automate manual tasks and improve efficiencies, and produce dynamic reports that enable data-informed decision making.

Since it opened its doors more than 30 years ago, Ajman University has been at the forefront of UAE education. Today, the university is home to students from 72 nations and staff from 32 countries. For the first time, the university was included on the QS World Rankings report. It now ranks among the top 3 percent of universities worldwide, top 2 percent of universities in the Arab region, and the top eight universities in the UAE.

AU’s ascension has been fueled by the university’s vision of technology as the engine of student success. To continue innovating, university leadership recognised the need to modernise and improve daily operations as well as analyze and extract actionable insights from on-campus data.

“After attending both functional and technical user workshops, and seeing a demonstration of the technology first hand at Ellucian Live, we knew that it was the right fit for AU,” said Inas Abu Sharkh, IT Manager of Ajman University. “The Ellucian team took the time to understand our challenges, and to develop a customized suite of solutions to help improve and integrate business processes while creating a more modern and user-friendly experience for students and staff.”

Now, AU is leveraging automated workflows to save time and enhance business processes. They are able to undertake more rapid system updates, increase system configurability, and reduce the number of manual processes to improve overall system reliability. Additionally, they can better collect and analyze data, using new insights to provide better services to students and staff.

“Our administration, academics and students have all worked tirelessly to put Ajman University on the map as a prestigious and internationally recognized university and we want to continue that momentum,” said Karim Seghir, Chancellor of Ajman University. “With these powerful and intelligent solutions, we have the ability to recognize and act on insights, and improve the overall user experience for everyone on campus. We look forward to continuing our growth and evolution as a university, and providing our students with every opportunity for success.”

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