Ellucian and TouchNet Introduce Cloud-Based ID Card Solution

Ellucian and TouchNet Introduce Cloud-Based ID Card Solution

By Ellucian on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ellucian and TouchNet have expanded their partnership with the launch of Ellucian OneCard VIP by TouchNet, a cloud-based campus ID card solution that communicates in real-time with Ellucian ERP systems. Ellucian OneCard VIP delivers a platform for transactions and access on campus that simplifies student life, maintains student access privileges and enables payments campus-wide via one card or app.

As an Ellucian Ethos integration and strategic partner, TouchNet powers the solutions needed to simplify campus commerce for administrators and students. Building on the foundation of the Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet and now, with the introduction of Ellucian OneCard VIP, higher education truly has a unified, comprehensive, integrated and secure commerce platform to manage the student life cycle from beginning to end.

Ellucian OneCard VIP gives today’s tech savvy students the ease of a single, mobile card application – turning smartphones into campus IDs. The solution improves safety and security on campus and manages facility access, meal plans, library needs, recreational events, tracks student activity and attendance, validates campus credentials and provides a single connection point to campus life.

School administrators will realize reduced overhead and improved performance in credentialing systems through real-time integration, transaction automation and centralized operations. Ellucian OneCard VIP communicates in real time with other campus software, including Ellucian ERP systems, continuously sharing data to keep credentials in sync with other campus information.

“The partnership with TouchNet has always been focused on simplifying campus commerce,” said Ellucian SVP of Product Management Kari Branjord. “With the introduction of Ellucian OneCard VIP, we are redefining commerce to encompass all transactions on campus and expanding our capability to effectively manage all student transactions campus-wide through a single portal.”

TouchNet is the leading provider of integrated, comprehensive and secure commerce solutions for colleges and universities. Since 1989, colleges and universities have relied on TouchNet to unify and secure payments and related business transactions campus-wide. TouchNet helps institutions save, make, and manage money more effectively by giving them greater control over transactions, costs, and compliance while providing greater operational efficiencies and self-service access to real-time information.

Ellucian OneCard VIP by TouchNet from TouchNet on Vimeo.

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  • On 4/26/2018 02:14:40 PM Dale Hochstein said:

    We are a Colleague Unidata customer. We are interested in a One Card Solution that will integrate with Colleague. Do we need to purchase any additional product to get the integration to work?