Ellucian shines bright at TSIA STAR awards

Ellucian shines bright at TSIA STAR awards

By Ellucian on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ellucian has been named as a 2017 STAR Award winner the best practices in the delivery of support services category by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). This award is recognition from industry peers of exceptional dedication to innovation and excellence.

Since its inception in 1990, the STAR Awards have become one of the highest honors in the technology services industry, acknowledging the contribution of companies of all sizes to the continual improvement of technology services delivery industry-wide. The STAR Awards are specifically designed to recognize excellence and innovation in technology services, and to showcase a company's commitment to best practices with people, process and technology to increase NPS scores, productivity and service levels that contribute to positive customer outcomes.

Ellucian presented its approach to knowledge management with an extreme focus on culture, which exceeded expectations for a best practice submission. The company’s story is a great example of how applying industry best practices can have a major impact on the business and their customers. By sticking with the basics, rewarding the right behaviors, and creating a corporate culture of success, Ellucian was able to achieve impressive results, including a 54 percent customer reference increase.

“While the initiatives, processes and metrics were all impressive, the key differentiator for being selected as a finalist was our team,” said VP of Customer Success, Mike Cleary. “It is the strong engagement, work ethic, customer advocacy, and innovation our team demonstrates on a daily basis that truly impacts our customers and sets them up for long-term success.”

Winners were recognized at the fall Technology Services World (TSW) conference. Mike Cleary accepted the award on behalf of the company. In his acceptance speech he lauded the fantastic team of professionals at Ellucian that are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience to empower customers to better serve their students—who are the future leaders of the world.

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