Trinity Valley Community College moves to Colleague

Trinity Valley Community College moves to Colleague

By Ellucian on Monday, March 26, 2018

Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) has chosen Colleague® by Ellucian for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Built specifically for complex higher education environments, Colleague will enable TVCC to automate business processes, help manage its steady growth and integrate data from each of its four campuses.

Trinity Valley Community College is a learning-centered college that services nearly seven thousand students on campuses in Athens, Kaufman, Palestine and Terrell, Texas as well as a location in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The college provides academic, workforce, college preparatory, student support, and community service programs that prepare and empower students for success and promote life-long learning.

TVCC was using a homegrown ERP system that was very progressive for the time when it was designed. However, as technology advanced the system was not able to keep up—and, more importantly, the IT employees who designed and managed the system have retired or moved into positions where they are responsible for more important strategic priorities than technology maintenance.

“Once we saw the need for an outside ERP, we began a thorough evaluation of the functionality and quality of solutions existing in the market today against the needs and goals for the institution,” said Trinity Valley Community College President, Jerry King, Ed.D. “Knowing the move from a homegrown solution would be intensive, services around implementation and training also weighed heavily into our decision. We chose Colleague based on our assessment.”

Once implemented, Colleague will allow faculty and administration across the institution to make more effective, data-driven decisions and virtually eliminate manual processes. The ease of use will result in faster onboarding and training and will increase the opportunities to focus on future success and strategy. The solution will also enable compliance with state reporting and auditing standards providing relief for overtaxed administrators.

“We are excited to see Trinity Valley on the path to modernization and growth,” said Ellucian Senior Vice President of Sales, North American Markets, Dan Maier. “By increasing access to student data, creating efficiencies across the board, and enabling more effective decision-making, Colleague will help the institution maintain its strong reputation of academic excellence and national recognition as one of the nation’s top community colleges.”

“We can see our future with Colleague,” said Dr. King. “It will keep pace with our growth strategy and allow us to implement new technology on campus that will greatly improve not just the faculty experience, but the student experience as well.”

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