Banner Financial Aid

Connecting students to the resources they need is central to your mission. And one of the most critical – and information intensive – resources is financial aid. One late piece of information can mean the difference between having funds for books or not.  And for some students, one additional speed bump can mean the difference between staying in or dropping out.

Banner® Financial Aid helps your institution handle financial aid processes efficiently, quickly, and equitably, regardless of the source or type of aid. Because the solution automates day-to-day tasks, aid administrators can focus on more critical matters, such as providing better advice and counsel to students. And with flexible capabilities in place to create, manage, and monitor award packages, your institution can meet its strategic goals and priorities more effectively while meeting your students’ financial needs.

With Banner Financial Aid, your institution can:

  • Award aid equitably to the students who need it
  • Disburse and monitor funds with confidence
  • Comply easily and quickly with regulatory updates
  • Provide self-service capabilities to students
  • Support FM and IM Need Analysis