Colleague HR


Employees. Your institution’s most valuable resource and single largest expense. Effectively managing your workforce—from recruitment to retirement—impacts all business and academic goals. And the right human resources software is vital to keep your higher education institution running smoothly. 


There are countless tasks and workflows required to keep up with basic needs like payroll and benefits. While at the same time, ongoing strategic planning requires advanced reporting and forecasting tools to ensure your higher education institution has the right human resources to succeed long term. HR management software is a crucial component for any institution, so choosing the right solution is critical.


Colleague® HR is a comprehensive solution for human resources management. It automates burdensome paper-based and administrative tasks with flexible applications, allowing HR staff to focus on higher-value activities. Colleague HR human resources software empowers employees with self-service options for accessing their own HR information. And it provides leaders with tools for predicting and planning for future staff and management needs, including metrics on industry trends. 

Use Colleague HR to:

  • manage the entire employment lifecycle
  • attract the most qualified candidates
  • retain high performers
  • improve employee productivity
  • increase efficiency with day-to-day functions, including personnel, payroll, and benefits
  • inform planning and budgeting with powerful analytics
  • ensure compliance with tax and immigration requirements