Colleague Performance Analytics

Transform data into information

Many institutions have a wealth of data—but turning that data into useable information requires intelligent management of metrics and attributes. Colleague® Performance Analytics is a packaged data warehouse and analytical reporting application that helps colleges and universities apply data rules, aggregations, and algorithms to create reports based on data in Colleague by Ellucian.

With Colleague Performance Analytics—powered by Blackboard Analytics™—you can conduct deep drill-down online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis, longitudinal analysis, decomposition trees, and operational reports. Because it uses a dimensional modeling approach, it supports a broad spectrum of users spanning institutional research, management reporting, external reporting, and analytical information.

Fully integrated with Colleague by Ellucian, Colleague Performance Analytics provides a powerful data warehouse with higher education insight and an extensive library of hundreds of higher education key performance indicators built right in. These critical performance measures provide the business intelligence you need to carefully examine the risks, health, and stability of your institution and to identify new opportunities as they arise. Colleague Performance Analytics features several modules including student, financial aid, finance, human resources, and advancement analytics and can be implemented and deployed in months rather than years, for a quicker return on investment.

By incorporating an interface to Colleague, Blackboard Analytics data warehouse for the Colleague solution provides:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Colleague using the Colleague DataOrchestrator Operational Data Store with the Blackboard Analytics ODS Connector
  • A library of standardized metrics and descriptive attributes consistent with best practices in higher education management
  • Pre-built queries and reports
  • Secure self-service reporting and analysis capabilities