Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics

Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics

Fewer resources, more competition, and increased accountability—it’s getting harder to reach your higher education goals. Whether you are solving existing business problems or planning for the future, having easy, daily access to relevant information can help you tackle your institution’s biggest challenges. Colleague® Reporting and Operating Analytics provides the insight you need.

Make smarter decisions, see a faster ROI

Accelerate ROI

Accelerate ROI

Implement an institution-wide reporting strategy in weeks, not months.

Enhance performance

Enhance performance

Gather, analyze, and share performance metrics on easy-to-interpret dashboards.

Empower users

Empower users

Build your own reports, deliver better services, and implement new technology without relying on IT.

Solve problems

Solve problems

Get a comprehensive view of your institution’s performance.


Higher Education role-based dashboards

Higher education role-based dashboards

provide the data that answers your staff's critical questions.

  • Understand trends and manage performance with easy-to-use, configurable dashboards
  • Get the data you need with both individual metrics and divisional management views
  • Measure your progress with persona-based performance  management dashboards and hundreds of higher education key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Encourage users to become more engaged and proactive with colorful graphic visualizations
Ad hoc reporting

Ad hoc reporting

provides simple drag-and-drop functionality to build, customize, and modify reports.

  • Create ad hoc reports with pre-built templates
  • Build customized analytic applications without IT support
  • Apply packaged, higher education analytics based on industry best practices
  • Reduce implementation and support costs by integrating with Colleague® by Ellucian 
Pre-built reports

Pre-built models ready to deploy on day one

span all systems and departments to provide a comprehensive view of institutional performance.

  • Reduce IT development, support, and maintenance costs with higher education content
  • Provide a scalable business intelligence platform across your institution
  • Deliver out-of-the-box metrics for finance, human resources, student, and constituent relationship management (CRM)
  • Integrate easily with Colleague, Ellucian Portal, and CRM systems
Colleague meta-data and semantic model

Colleague meta-data and semantic model

provides access to a single source of information for data-powered decisions.

  • Save time and money with a higher education data model and data dictionary
  • Enhance reporting accuracy by accessing Colleague® Finance, Banner® Student, Ellucian Recruiter, Banner® Financial Aid, Banner®Advancement, and Colleague® HR data marts
  • Report directly against Colleague SQL transactional database for faster insights
  • Manage data freezes and snapshots easily with administrative services
  • Maximize your investment; Colleague is certified for current and future releases
  • Boost efficiency by integrating with Colleague® Operational Data Store
Self-service access to current information

Self-service access to current information

helps leadership and staff understand their own performance and work more effectively.

  • Deliver information organized into easy-to-understand business concepts
  • Drill down to find answers through customized dashboards and reports
  • Access reports and dashboards from mobile and tablet devices
  • Make better decisions with current, trusted, and consistent information
  • Build and personalize department-specific dashboards, reports, and alerts without IT
Ellucian Recruiter Analytics for Colleague®

Ellucian Recruiter Analytics for Colleague®

helps recruiting and admissions professionals target best-fit students and proactively manage enrollment funnels and financial aid.

  • Track efforts with recruiter, region, funnel, yield, and campaign dashboards and reports
  • Use recruiting, admissions, enrollment, and financial aid analytics to gain insight  
  • Track key metrics over time, YTD, and term-over-term with funnel analytics 
  • Create ad hoc recruiting and admissions reports
  • Analyze progress against enrollment targets and financial aid
  • Integrate easily with Ellucian Recruiter and Colleague

How it works

Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics delivers self-service access to pre-packaged analytic reports, ad hoc templates, and dashboards with more than 150 metrics that can be used out-of-the-box to help you make better decisions and deliver more for less. And because higher education business intelligence is built right in, you get the information you need, faster.

Solution sheet: Transform data into business intelligence

Who is using Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics?

More than 500 institutions rely on Ellucian Analytics to help them make informed decisions that drive results.

Recognizing the important role that data will continue to play in the coming decade, we knew we needed a tool to help us identify and correct any issues we might be having and to make better decisions. Ellucian’s Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics has empowered end-users to run their own reports, reducing the workload for IT staff, and increasing productivity throughout Walsh College.
Joseph Esdale, Director, Office of Information Technology, Walsh College