Colleague® Retention Alert

Ask anyone involved in student retention and they’ll agree it’s about more than just tracking grades and sending alerts. It’s about anticipating potential issues early and reaching out to students before they get off track.  It’s about the people on your campus – faculty, counselors, advisors, mentors, coaches, RAs – everyone that embodies your institution’s mission of student success. 

Colleague® Retention Alert monitors a student’s records to watch for the first signs of trouble. It helps you identify at-risk students by considering their high school GPA, sports affiliations, current grades, attendance, and financial aid.  Then it triggers a process for alerting the student, an advisor, and anyone else who needs to be involved while it captures comments and other important information along the way.

“If a student is having a challenge in one academic area, they probably are having trouble in another area, but we didn’t know that before. We did not have a central mechanism to bring all the pieces together.”
Bob Reynolds, CIO, Kellogg Community College

With a complete student retention program, you can make sure no student falls through the cracks, ensuring every student gets the help they need, when they need it.

With Colleague Retention Alert, your institution will be able to:

  • Get a 360-degree view of all student activity
  • Address student issues immediately
  • Build communication tracks to expedite intervention
  • Help your staff communicate with students and each other
  • Enforce FERPA compliance