Colleague WebAdvisor

Immediate access to critical information represents one measure that separates the best institutions from average ones. And with Colleague® WebAdvisor, you gain online access to virtually any institutional information at any time.

Featuring convenient single sign-on functionality, this solution presents real-time information such as community news, services, e-commerce capabilities, and e-learning offerings—all from one central and secure location. Like the rest of the Colleague product family, it incorporates an open architecture for seamless integration with other Colleague products, your website, and third-party software resources.

Colleague WebAdvisor also offers the flexibility to meet your institution’s particular needs. Deployment can occur through a website, a self-service intranet, or a community portal, while the solution’s customization features allow you to present your institution’s unique brand.

In short, Colleague WebAdvisor can help you:

  • Deliver online services driven by higher education-specific workflows
  • Provide direct, easy access to information
  • Conduct transactions over the web